Formula Group serves as a comprehensive corporate mobility services provider in India, catering to the mobility requirements of numerous Fortune 500 companies, encompassing both inbound and outbound mobility needs.
Our extensive array of relocation management services is supported by a technology platform designed with a human-centric approach. This platform empowers employees and their families to navigate the transition seamlessly from their current location to a new residence.
Recognizing the challenges of relocating to a new city, adapting to a different culture, enrolling children in schools, or establishing new daily routines for spouses, we empathize with the complexities involved. Millennials, in particular, may find it overwhelming to acclimate to a new culture and secure safe accommodations. However, amidst these challenges lie numerous opportunities. Our committed and well-trained consultants are dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming these hurdles, ensuring their focus remains on the opportunities presented.
We meticulously organize each phase of the relocation journey to align with the specific needs of relocating employees and their families. Our support extends until they comfortably settle into their new home. At Formula Group, we strive to turn each step of the relocation process into a tailored experience, providing unwavering assistance throughout the transition.

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Moving to a new city, adjusting to a new culture, and getting children admitted to schools can be unnerving. However, with our emphasis on global mobility and employee mobility solutions, we have crafted a seamless experience for your employees. With...


The complexity of rules and regulations in a foreign country might have a big impact on and potentially impede your company's expansion plans. However, with our knowledgeable consultants' guidance, your route to success remains unhindered. Our extens...

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Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your prompt response. If I have a chance, I would like to introduce it to my friends. Thank you for your continued support.

- Destination Services - Chennai

The action provided by Formula was very quick and accurate. I am really satisfied with it, thank you very much.

- Serviced Apartment - Gurugram

Brilliant to deal with, extremely friendly and helpful. The ongoing support is also greatly appreciated.

- Destination Services - Delhi

Great Hassle free experience. Thanks Formula Group for support on every step.

- Destination Services - Pune

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