Formula Group is a provider of integrated corporate mobility services in India, providing mobility services to over 20 Fortune 100 clients for both inbound as well as outbound mobility needs.
Our wide range of relocation management services are backed by our human-centric technology platform that enables employees and their families to transition successfully from their existing location to a new home.
We truly understand how unnerving it can be to move to a new city, adjust to a new culture, get children admitted to schools or for spouses to make a new daily routine. Millennial employees can also find it daunting to adjust to a new culture, find safe accommodation etc. However, moving to a new city is also filled with opportunities and our dedicated, trained consultants help you overcome these obstacles and ensure that all you need to focus on is opportunities. We organize each step of the journey to be tailored to the needs of relocating employees and their families and are there for them till they are able to call their new house a home.

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Moving to a new city, adjusting to a new culture and getting children admitted to schools can be unnerving. With our human-centric technology platform and highly trained consultants, we ensure your employees feel at home in the new city and its cultu...


Understanding rules and regulations in a new country can impact or slow down your company’s growth plans. Not when our consultants pave the way for you--be it finding new office or factory space, getting the office interiors done, getting access to t...

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10, October, 2023

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