At Formula Group “Lead by Example” is one of our core values. This positions us more as a "Walk your talk" by setting examples with your actions, for our team to admire & follow. We recognize the need for being responsible corporate citizens and for shouldering our responsibility towards giving back to the millions of underprivileged people in India. For us, reaching out to economically backward communities especially to children, women and medical help is part of our DNA. Formula has always endeavored to conduct its business mindful of its social accountability, respecting applicable laws and within regard for human dignity.

At Formula Group, our policies and business practices reflect a commitment to making the world a better place. We acknowledge the impact our activities as a corporate, have on the environment, and society. Hence, we are committed to our responsibility to contribute our best towards society and environment. In order to have our contribution to the maximum, we motivate and engage our team members to take an active part in the company's CSR.

We also realise that we must contribute multi-dimensionally to the issues, so we became partners to a number of NGOs working in different domains including but not limited to Remedial Education, Women Empowerment(by Vocational Training and project She to Shakti, Care and Support of Old, Sick and Destitute persons.

In Formula team members are given the opportunity to be involved in and engage in various CSR activities the company does . The CSR team designed a framework for team member and leader volunteering. This not only helps the communities they live in but also inculcates in them a deep sense of care & and empathy. We engage our team members in corporate social initiatives so that they can exemplify organizational values and enhance their professional and leadership skills.

Our team proactively comes forward to help the needy and to bring smile on the faces of the children through arts and Crafts, story -telling and reciting poems. Formula team members volunteer programs enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher morale and, as a result, greater productivity and profitability. Formula Group believes that each individual action, over time, adds up, to change the world. Thus, each team member at Formula Group is encouraged and motivated to do their individual action. The corporate social responsibility culture at formula group is one that is inclusive, democratic and participatory. The focus is not only on the external impact of CSR, on the larger community, but also the internal impact that pro-social behavior has on each individual team member. Thus, team member involvement is a major part of Formulas CSR policy.

Remedial Education Program for Navjyoti India Foundation specially designed to provide children from weaker sections, access to education with a focus on quality and retention. It reduces the dropout rate and creates favourable conditions in the community thereby addressing crime prevention. Children become social, confidently able to express themselves.

Total beneficiary: 158

Home for Sick and Public Health Care Services for NGO Sapna

Health in rural areas suffers not only due to limited facilities, infrastructure, lack of awareness and the inability to afford treatment worsen the situation. This has serious implications for their health in later life. To promote a hygienic environment and timely advice on and hygiene-related issues, a lady doctor visits the Centre twice a month to counsel and treatment for gynecological problems and family planning. Also, PHCC provides requisite medical care to the patients and inmates who are staying in Anandam- Home for Sick and Destitute. Improved health & hygiene conditions by providing free medical aid to beneficiaries. Our single-minded goal here is to help build unprivileged kids and women to stand on their own feet.

Vocational Training Program for young girls - NGO Shikhar

Due to a conservative social system, many women are unable to continue their education after a certain level (primary). Thus, Vocational Training Program for Shikhar plays an active role in building and upgrading skills of marginalised girls and women to better meet the emerging needs of the job market. We aim to provide vocational training to girls and women to empower them to be economically independent.

A programme to promote entrepreneurship for self-help groups from economically weaker sections of society was launched in select districts of South Delhi. This will provide work so that they become self-dependent / sufficient and also to connect them with the mainstream.

Approach: Vocational skills training and skill-based development such as cutting, tailoring, beauty culture were all undertaken by Shikhar. Over last two Years we have 515 beneficiaries.

Cutting & Tailoring: 6 Months No. of Beneficiaries: 175 , Beauty Culture : 3 Months No. of Beneficiaries: 155

Direct impact on : A total of 375 girls were trained and encouraged to become self-dependent through this programme.