Gift City Gujarat



Gift City – Gujarat

Planned as the next Singapore in Asia, GIFT city (Gujarat International Finance Tec- City) located in India’s western state of Gujarat is an integrated development on 886 acres of land with 62 mn sq. ft. of built up area, which includes office spaces, residential apartments, schools, hospital, hotels, clubs, retail and various recreational facilities, with an aim to make this place a truly “Walk to Work” cit.... Continue Reading



Pune – Oxford of the East

Pune, also called Poona, a city situated in west-central of Maharashtra state in the western India, at the junction of the Mula and Mutha rivers. It is called “Queen of the Deccan”. Pune is the old capital of the Maratha Empire, it is a cultural and educational hub often referred to as the Oxford of the East. Pune is the cultural capital of the Maratha people.  The city first gained importance as the.... Continue Reading

Chennai - Detroit of Asia



Chennai – Detroit of Asia

The doorway to South India, Chennai is a miraculous gift the land of Tamil Nadu embraces. One of the oldest cities in the country, Chennai’s culture is reflected in the unique blend of its diverse population. It is both traditional and conventional in its cultural diversity. Chennai is located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal and is the fifth biggest city of India. It is the most popular servi.... Continue Reading

Hyderabad - The City of Pearls



Hyderabad – The City of Pearls

The culture of Hyderabad is a diverse one. Not only does it have an amalgamation of different cultures, Hyderabad boasts of a rich cultural heritage too. Being ruled by the Asaf Jahi dynasty, it came to be known as the “city of Nizams”. As this dynasty crumpled, the Mughals took over and brought about a sea change in the cultural outlook of the people. Today, Hyderabad flourishes in its rich cultural history.... Continue Reading

India's first World Heritage City



Ahmedabad – India’s first World Heritage City

Situated near the Sabarmati river and in the state where Mahatma Gandhi and India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi were born, Ahmedabad is a confluence of culture, food, diamonds and cotton textiles in the modern state of Gujarat.  The former state capital, Ahmedabad or Amdavad as it is locally called, is the fifth most populous city in India. With a rich cultural heritage, Ahmedabad continues t.... Continue Reading

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