Formula Group



Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime’ is a popular Italian proverb. It is also the philosophy behind Formula Group’s CSR activities. Our CSR activities are aimed at the betterment of the environment and the society. Enablement of the underprivileged is the core pillar of our efforts. This can be seen through our various engagements with different communities wherein our entire company actively becomes a part of.

Empathy, which is one of our core values, is also highlighted in our CSR efforts. The corporate social responsibility culture at formula group is one that is inclusive, democratic and participatory. The focus is not only on the external impact of CSR, on the larger community, but also the internal impact that pro-social behavior has on each individual team member. Thus, team member involvement is a major part of Formulas CSR policy. The idea is to ‘Lead by Example.

Our team proactively steps forward to help the needy and bring smiles on the faces of the children through arts and Crafts, story -telling and reciting poems. Formula team members volunteer programs enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher morale and, as a result, greater productivity and profitability.

Navjyoti NGO

Navjyoti India Foundation

Remedial Education Program to provide children from weaker sections, access to education with a focus on quality and retention. We could make a direct impact on a total of 375 girls who were trained and encouraged to become self-dependent through this programme with support of Formula Group.

Shikar NGO Logo

NGO Shikhar

Vocational Training Program for young girls - A programme to promote entrepreneurship for self-help groups from economically weaker sections of society was launched in select districts of South Delhi. This will provide work so that they become self-dependent / sufficient and also to connect them with the mainstream. Over the last three years more than 600 women have been able to utilise the benefit of this program and became self dependent.

Sapna Ngo Logo

NGO Sapna

Home for Sick and Public Health Care Services - Over the years the NGO has treated more than 55,000 disadvantaged people at our institutional facility in Alwar, provided palliative care to hundreds of chronically sick and injured-many with permanent sequelae, and sheltered the homeless. Sapna has provided resources for 630 surgeries and post-surgical procedures at Safdarjung Hospital, taken care of the needs of people suffering from chronic renal conditions and facilitated heart-surgeries for 43 children.

Sood Charity Foundation Logo

Sood Charity Foundation

The NGO founded by Actor and Philanthropist, Sonu Sood has become a household name and a support system for countless families during the Pandemic. The Sood Charity Foundation is providing state-of-the-art healthcare, education, employment, and technology advancements. The NGO is trying to initiate a movement that encourages people to join hands towards serving humanity. Sood Charity Foundation has helped thousands of people across the world. The constant efforts of this organization is to raise awareness and provide care for those in need.


The Earth Saviours Foundation

Founded by Ravi Kalra, also known as the “No Honking Man of India”, Earth Saviors NGO goes on roads in search of abandoned senior citizens and mentally disabled people and brings them to the shelter home where they are provided with free of charge accommodation, food and medical care. Presently more than five hundred such less privileged people are living permanently at Kalra’s shelter home.

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