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CANADA – New Employer Portal for International Mobility Program

, 23/12/2015

From 21 November 2015, all employers submitting offers of employment for the International Mobility Program (IMP) must do so via the new Employer Portal. Submissions via the Employer Portal were compulsory from 26 October 2015 for all employers under the IMP other than those exempt from the employer compliance fee.

What is the new procedure?

An employer wishing to submit an offer of employment must now first register with the employer portal. A representative may be added by the company as a secondary user, and can then submit offers of employment on the employer’s behalf. The employer compliance fee (currently $CAN 230) must also be paid via the Employer Portal.

Previously, the fee was paid online and then an online form completed (including the fee receipt number) and submitted by email. A representative submitting the form on behalf of the employer had to submit a scanned Use of Representative form.

On successful submission of the offer of employment via the Employer Portal, an offer of employment ID number is assigned to the information submitted. The employer should provide this offer of employment ID number to the foreign national for inclusion in their work permit application form.

What is the International Mobility Program?

The International Mobility Program (IMP) allows employers to hire or bring in foreign workers without the need of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Exemptions from the LMIA process are available for people authorised to work in Canada temporarily due to free trade agreements, such as NAFTA, intra-company transferees, International Experience Canada participants, spouses of highly-skilled foreign workers and some other categories.

Action Items

  • Employers hiring LMIA-exempt foreign nationals should ensure that they register with the Employer Portal, and then use the portal to pay the compliance fee and submit the offer of employment.