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TURKEY –Turkish Embassy in London Opts Out of Online Work Visa Appointment Booking System

, 13/02/2016

The Turkish Embassy in London is asking applicants to book appointments for work visa applications by email, instead of via the usual online appointment booking system.

This new procedure aims to clear a backlog of appointments.

Turkish Work Visa Application Appointment Booking in London

According to a post on the website of the Turkish Embassy in London, due to “misuse” of the online appointment booking system, work visa applicants in London are no longer to book appointments through the online system.

Instead, they must email directly to to book their work visa application appointment.

The email must include their contact details, the Turkish employer’s name and address, assignment start and end date and job title. The Embassy will then set an appointment date.

Appointments previously booked online should be confirmed with the embassy on a case-by-case basis.

Required Documents

At the appointment, applicants must bring:

  • A completed visa application form;
  • A Job offer letter and employment agreement;
  • A copy of their passport, and one passport style photo.
The announcement includes an important note that work visa applicants do not need to bring proof of medical insurance coverage, nor police clearance (as listed in the MFA’s new online pre-application website).

Action Items

  • Applicants for Turkish work visas in London should follow the procedure as stated above for booking application appointments, before following the new online pre-application procedure launched earlier this month.