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NIGERIA – Immediate Nationwide Long Term Work Permit Verification Exercise Announced

, 14/03/2016

On 14 March 2016 the Nigeria Immigration Service (”NIS”) issued a public notice to the effect that a nationwide verification exercise will be conducted immediately, from 14 March 2016 till 31 March 2016, for Combined Expatriate Resident Permit and Aliens Card (“CERPAC”) holders in Nigeria.

Who is Affected?

This verification exercise affects employers of CERPAC holders.

What Do Employers Need to Know?

Representatives of companies employing foreign nationals should take the following documents to their local NIS CERPAC Production Centre:

  • Foreign nationals’ CERPACs;
  • Foreign nationals’ passports;
  • A copy of a valid Expatriate quota;
  • A copy of the company’s monthly returns for February 2016.

Foreign national employees are not required to appear in person.

Action Items

  • Employers of CERPAC holders should promptly make arrangements to verify the CERPACs of their employees.