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BRAZIL – Amendments to Work Visa Rules Introduced

, 27/05/2016

Decree 8757/16, published 11 May 2016, significantly amends the rules and procedures for obtaining work visas for foreign nationals in Brazil.

The decree has not yet been fully implemented.

What are the Major Changes?

  • Work visa renewal applications can now be submitted to the Ministry of Labour electronically, rather than manually;
  • It will now be possible to apply to the Ministry of Labour to change status post arrival from a business or student to a work visa;
  • Dependents of work visa holders who are 16 years and over will be able to work in Brazil;
  • Change of employer notifications will also be possible online to the Ministry of Labour, rather than to the Ministry of Justice;
  • Work visa extension applications will no longer require the employer to be responsible for the employee’s repatriation costs;
  • A new visa will be created for research and innovation projects;
  • The process of obtaining a work visa will be streamlined for “strategic professionals” – however, the definition of “strategic professionals” and the details of the new streamlined process have not yet been established.

Note that only the online work visa renewals have been officially implemented so far – Peregrine will keep you informed when further information is released.

Action Items

  • Companies employing foreign nationals in Brazil should use the new online work visa renewal system;
  • Note the other changes mentioned in the new decree, which should be implemented in some form in the coming months.