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SWEDEN – Insurance Certificates Now Required for Work Permit Extension Applications

, 28/06/2016

The Swedish Migration Agency has recently enforced a December 2015 court ruling, requiring employers to prove they have provided the correct salary and insurance for their foreign national employees throughout their employment period in Sweden.

What exactly is required?

The most significant change is that work permit extension applications must now be supported by copies of insurance certificates for health, life, occupational and pension insurance from all employers for the whole period of employment in Sweden, rather than a letter from the employer stating that insurance was provided.

In addition, the applicant must provide pay slips and tax declaration receipts for all the months that the employee has worked in Sweden, rather than for the twelve most recent months that were required before.

Action Items

  • Employers should ensure that they have insurance cover for all their employees throughout the period of their employment.
  • Allow more time for the preparation of supporting documents for work permit extension applications, and also for the processing of the applications by the authorities.