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MOZAMBIQUE – Upcoming New Work Permit Regulations

, 23/09/2016

Effective 29 November 2016, new work permit regulations will introduce stricter requirements in the hiring of foreign labour.

What are the principal changes?

The main changes in the new regulation include:

  • Employment agencies will no longer be able to sponsor work permits for foreign employees to be allocated to third-party employers;
  • Short-term work authorisation will be issued for 90 days initially (currently this is issued for 30 days, with up to two extensions per year);
  • The Directorate of Labour will be allowed a longer time frame to process applications;
  • New fees for short-term work authorisation will be applicable;
  • Academic certification and an equivalence certificate issued by the Ministry of Education will be required for quota and non-quota work permit applications;
  • Foreign national employees will only be allowed to transfer to a new employer or location if the new employer or location has a foreign national quota;
  • New financial penalties will be introduced for non-compliance;
  • Employers will be required to dismiss a foreign national employee if a Mozambican employee is dismissed.

Action Items

  • Employers should be prepared for several important changes, including longer processing times, when applying for new work permits on behalf of their international assignees from 29 November 2016.