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VIETNAM – One-Year Business Visa Granted to US Nationals

, 16/09/2016

Effective 28 August 2016, Vietnam began issuing one-year multiple-entry visas to all United States (US) nationals travelling for business or tourism.

Important Points

  • US nationals successfully applying for a Vietnam visa for tourism or business purposes will automatically be issued a one-year multiple-entry visa;
  • The options of a one-month or three-month single-entry or multiple-entry visa are discontinued;
  • The government fee for the twelve-month visa is US$135. Previously, the fee for a one-month single-entry visa was $45;
  • The maximum duration of stay for each entry to Vietnam remains 90 days for business purposes.

Action Items

  • US nationals travelling frequently to Vietnam for business, and their employers, can now expect a lighter administrative burden and lower fees;
  • US nationals traveling only occasionally to Vietnam, and for shorter periods, can now expect to pay higher visa fees than previously.