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SAUDI ARABIA – Significant Visa Fee Increases Imminent [Updated]

, 11/10/2016

Effective 2 October 2016, The Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia has announced a sharp increase in visa application fees, and introduced new fees in some cases. These increases will significantly raise costs for visitors and foreign nationals living and working in Saudi Arabia, and their employers.


US nationals will be exempt from the fee hike, and will continue to be issued five-year multiple-entry visit visas for a fee of SAR 500 (USD 133) as per existing bilateral agreements.

What are the new fees?

The following are the new visa fees, with the current fees (if they exist) for comparison:

Visa Type
Single-entry visit visa
6-month multiple-entry visit visa
1-year multiple-entry visit visa
2-year multiple-entry visit visa
Transit visa
Departure fee (seaports)
Single exit/re-entry visa
Additional month single exit/entry visit visa
Multiple exit/re-entry visa
Additional month multiple exit/entry visit visa
New Fee
SAR 2000 (USD 533)
SAR 3000 (USD 800)
SAR 5000 (USD 1333)
SAR 8000 (USD 2133)
SAR 300 (USD 80)
SAR 50 (USD 13)
SAR 200 (USD 53) up to 2 months
SAR 100 (USD 27)
SAR 500 (USD 133) up to 3 months
SAR 200 (USD 53)
Current Fee
SAR 25-50 (USD 6-13)
SAR 25+ (USD 6+)
SAR 200 (USD 53) up to 6 months
SAR 500 (USD 133) up to 6 months

NOTE: The state will bear the cost of a single-entry visit visa for a visitor coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time to perform Haj or Umrah.

Action Items

  • Employers of foreign nationals living and working in Saudi Arabia, or travelling there for business, should review their plans to take into account the upcoming significant visa fee hike.