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INDONESIA – Changes for Third-Party Agents Submitting Immigration Applications [UPDATED]

, 17/11/2016


On 22 November 2016 the immigration office issued a new, more lenient policy, once more allowing third-party agents to submit immigration permit applications at immigration offices with a letter of attorney, as previously, but requiring them to also show the company ID card of a signatory (Head of HR or company director) of the company they are representing.

Effective 14 November, the Indonesian immigration authorities prohibited third-party agents from representing companies or assignees at immigration offices to residence permits.

What Has Changed?

Previously, employers could use third-party agents with a letter of attorney to represent them when attending immigration offices in Indonesia to submit "KITAS" (limited stay permit) and "MERP" (multiple-exit re-entry permit) applications, collect issued permits or liaise with the authorities.

According to a decree issued by the Directorate general of Immigration, from 14 November 2016, only company staff, holding a company ID card, could arrange immigration permits at immigration offices in Indonesia.

Action Items

  • Employers seeking to obtain immigration permits in Indonesia should ensure that any third-party agents sent to the immigration office to submit immigration permit applications on their behalf have a company ID card of a signatory (Head of HR or company director).
  • Employers should check the representation policy at each immigration office before attending, as policy may differ between offices.