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MOROCCO – Stricter Application Requirements for Residence Permits

, 20/02/2017

In the last few weeks, the immigration authorities in Morocco have introduced stricter rules for residence permit applications.


There has been no official announcement, but the following changes have nevertheless been introduced:

  • Reduced tolerance for late renewals of Resident Permits: The border authorities can prevent foreign nationals from exiting Morocco if their resident permit has expired. A specific authorisation then has to be requested before travelling;
  • Restricted access to some of the police stations: Only residence permit applicants are allowed to enter;
  • Additional documents may be requested by authorities, such as water/electricity bills, CV or bank account statement;
  • An interview with a General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) official is now often requested for initial application or renewals. Applicants are informed on the day of application;
  • The number of daily applications is now limited (from 20 to 30 for initial applications in Casablanca or Tangier). This requires applicants to show up early before police station opening hours to be sure that they can submit their application the same day.

Action Points

  • Employers in Morocco should advise their foreign national employees of the new requirements.