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TURKEY – Regulations Published for New Turquoise Card

, 23/03/2017

On 14 March 2017, regulations for the new Turquoise Card were published in the Official Gazette.

However, the Work Permit Directorate has made clear that the computer systems, application forms and adjudication panel for the new permanent residence status are not ready, and has not revealed a date when applications can be submitted.

What is the Turquoise Card?

As we wrote last year, the new ”Law on International Workforce” (Law No. 6735) introduced a new category of permanent residence for qualifying foreign nationals.

The categories under which foreign nationals may qualify for the Turquoise Card include: highly qualified employees, certain investors, strategic or high-impact scientists or researchers, internationally successful artists or athletes, and specialists who will promote Turkey or Turkish culture.

A successful applicant will be given a three-year conditional status, and will have to submit an annual status report. After this period, they will be issued an indefinite residence status.

Turquoise Card holders will generally have the same rights accorded to Turkish citizens, and their dependents will also be granted residence permits.

Action Items

  • Applicants who may qualify for the new Turquoise Card should consult an immigration adviser.