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MALAYSIA – Reminder: Expatriate Services Division Requires Companies to Update Their Registration Online

, 27/07/2017

Effective 1 August 2017, the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) of the Immigration Department of Malaysia (MID) will not process Employment Pass applications based on company information which has not been updated via the ESD portal.

Company Information

As we reported in April, companies are required to update their corporate information in the ESD online system annually, and also whenever the information changes.

This is done by the company purchasing the SSM (CCM in English - Companies Commission of Malaysia) e-info, via the Company tab in the system. The SSM e-info provides full details of the company: address, business activities, shareholdings, directors and financials.  Once purchased, the information will be auto uploaded into the ESD system.

Besides updating the change electronically, the company will also be required to file copies of the relevant company forms, duly certified by SSM. Presently the documents must be filed manually at the ESD office in Putrajaya. In future, these documents may be filed electronically when the system is set up for this purpose.

Action Items

Companies in Malaysia employing foreign nationals should ensure that their company information in the ESD system is updated, to ensure Employment Pass applications are accepted.