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NIGERIA – Foreign Professionals Now Require Local Certification

, 15/08/2017

Effective immediately, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) has issued a directive that foreign professionals intending to work in Nigeria must first register with the relevant regulatory professional bodies in Nigeria.

Who is affected?

The new requirement applies to foreign nationals intending to practice any profession which is regulated in Nigeria, including but not limited to science, engineering and technology, medicine and accountancy.

How does it work?

This directive now appears as a condition for the grant of an expatriate quota issued by the Ministry of Interior:

1. Upon arrival in Nigeria, expatriates engaged to fill approved quota positions are required to register with the relevant regulatory professional bodies.

2. Evidence of registration with the relevant professional body shall be forwarded to the Ministry along with the monthly quota returns.

Action Items

Employers hiring foreign professionals to work in Nigeria are advised to contact an immigration specialist for details of the relevant professional regulatory bodies and how to obtain certification.