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GREECE – New Notification and Document Storage Requirements for Posted Workers

, 11/08/2017

Effective immediately, all companies based in an EU Member State posting employees to Greece must notify the labour authorities on or before the assignment start date, designate a local representative and retain certain documents.

While Greece transposed the European Union Posted Workers Enforcement Directive (2014/67/EU) into its national law in 2016 through Presidential Decree 101/2016, actual implementation and enforcement of its provisions was delayed until recently.

Notification Requirement

Notification of the start of assignment, along with the assignment details, must be submitted in writing at the local office of the Labour Inspectorate for the region where the posted worker’s job site is located.

The notification must include the worker’s identification details, details regarding the sending and host companies, and the details and contact information for the local designated representative responsible for communication with authorities regarding the posting.

Subsequent notifications must be likewise submitted to the Labour Inspectorate office each time there is a material change in the assignment.

Document Storage

The local host company must then retain documents of the assignment for two years following the completion of the assignment, including: a copy of the submitted notification, updated contact information for the designated representative, work schedule and time records, and records of payment of salary.

Such documents must be readily available and provided to authorities for inspection upon request.

Action Items

EU-based companies posting foreign national employees to Greece should ensure that they comply with the new notification and document retention requirements.