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TAIWAN – New Part-Time Work Permit for Foreign Spouses

, 04/08/2017

Effective 26 July 2017, the Taiwan Workforce Development Agency has introduced a new work permit allowing foreign national spouses of foreign national employees to do part-time professional or technical work.

Who Qualifies?

The new work permit is available for foreign national spouses of foreign national professionals who do “Class A” professional or technical work. The spouse must also do “Class A” professional or technical work, which includes the following categories:

Civil engineering or architecture;
Communications and transportation;
Tax and financial services;
Real estate;
Immigration services;
Health care;
Environmental protection;
Culture, sports, and recreation services;
Academic research;
Other work designated as per the joint consultation of the central governing authority and the central competent authorities

The applicant must obtain an Alien Resident Card (ARC) for dependent purposes, and the job must meet the minimum salary for “Class A” professional work of NTD 200 per hour.

The applicant must meet the relevant educational and work experience criteria for their category of professional and technical work.

The employer, however, does not need to meet the usual minimum capital and income requirements for employers of foreign professionals, so smaller companies may be able to hire foreign professional spouses part-time with this new work permit.

Action Items

Employers in Taiwan, and foreign national spouses of foreign professionals who may qualify, should consult with an immigration specialist for the latest on the implementation of this new work permit.
Expect some initial confusion from Taiwanese authorities as the new work permit option is implemented.