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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Abu Dhabi Dependent Residence Permit Requires Abu Dhabi Tenancy Contract

, 10/10/2017

Effective immediately, foreign nationals employed in Abu Dhabi who wish to sponsor family members for initial or renewal dependent residence permits must submit a Tawtheeq (a residential lease registered in Abu Dhabi) In support of the application.


Employees who cannot submit a Tawtheeq because they live in another Emirate (such as Dubai) may appeal to the humanitarian section to seek an exception to this rule.

Exceptions have in the past been granted:

where the employee provides an undertaking to move the family to Abu Dhabi (however this can result in a shorter one-year dependant visa);
where the employee works for a company which has another branch in the Emirate where the employee resides;
and in other sympathetic circumstances.

The processing of applications through the humanitarian section is purely discretionary and success will depend on the approval of the individual officer processing the application.

Action Items

Foreign nationals employed in Abu Dhabi but resident in another Emirate, who wish to sponsor family members for dependent residence permits, should consult an immigration specialist for advice.