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SINGAPORE – Detailed Recruitment Questions Added to Employment Pass Application Form

, 13/11/2017

Effective immediately, and without any official announcement, the Ministry of Manpower has added several questions to the Employment Pass (EP) online application form, requiring sponsoring employers to give additional, detailed information about their recruitment practices.

The changes may cause delays with applications which have not yet been submitted, as additional information on the recruitment process will need to be gathered.

What has changed?

The additional questions on the Employment Pass online application form are as follows:

Has your firm searched for candidates for this job using other recruitment methods and channels? (If so, choose the methods used from the list.)
Has your firm considered other candidates for the job?
Please provide the number of Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreigners who (a) applied for this job, (b) were interviewed for this job, (c) were offered this job, and (d) were hired for this job.
How did your firm source for this EP applicant? (Choose one method from the list.)

Action Items

Employers applying for Employment Passes for foreign national employees in Singapore must keep detailed records of all applicants for any position, to enable them to answer the new questions on the online application form.