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COSTA RICA – New Social Security Registration Requirements for Dependents

, 13/12/2017

Effective immediately, dependent family members of applicants for permanent or temporary residence are required to register separately with the Social Security Administration of Costa Rica (CCSS) after completing the residence application process.

Previously, dependent family members could be included in the CCSS registration of the principal applicant. Children aged 17 years or under are not required to register with the CCSS.

How does it work?

In cases where the principal applicant is employed by a business, their employer is required to enroll them in a CCSS insurance program at the nearest CCSS office, before the residence application is submitted. Registration processing takes one business day.

However, the new CCSS registration for dependent family members can take up to ten days to be approved, requires more supporting documents and must be completed after residency has been approved, but does not require any additional fees to be paid.

The relationship between the principal and the dependent must be evidenced, and economic dependence must be demonstrated.

Action Items

Employers of applicants for permanent or temporary residence should ensure that social security registration is completed for any dependent family members aged 18 years or older.