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SPAIN – New Document Criteria for Residence Card Applications in Madrid

, 17/04/2018

Effective immediately, an applicant for a residence card in Madrid whose passport does not bear an entry stamp affixed by the Spanish border control authorities must instead submit a statement of entry (“declaración de entrada”).

What is the change?

Previously, in cases where an entry stamp from the Spanish border authorities was not available (such as transit through a Schengen country) the stamp of the EU Member State plus the flight itinerary proving the date of entry to Spain along with the boarding pass were accepted as evidence of entry for the residence card application.

The statement of entry is now the only acceptable alternative to the entry stamp as evidence of entry for residence card applications in Madrid.

How to obtain a statement of entry

In case of travelers arriving at Spanish airports and not receiving an entry stamp, it is highly recommended to submit the passport and boarding pass to the police at the airport to proceed with the statement of entry.
Otherwise, an appointment will have to be booked to submit in person, to the Spanish police authorities, the application for a statement of entry within three business days of entry to Spain.

Action Items

Foreign nationals with an initial residence permit and the corresponding visa, who do not receive an entry stamp on arrival, are advised to obtain a statement of entry from the police authorities at the airport, or at any rate within three business days of arrival in Spain.