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NIGERIA – Ministry of Interior Online Services May Cause Delays

, 18/04/2018

On 7 May 2018, the Federal Ministry of Interior (FMI) is expected to launch its new online service, covering all aspects of the operations and workflow of its Citizenship and Business (C&B) department.

The new online application process is expected to slow down the issuance of the grant and renewal of expatriate quota applications. Companies will be required to generate application file numbers and verification codes for the online application process.

What services are affected?

Business Permit Application: This applies to wholly foreign and joint ventures companies seeking to do business in Nigeria;
Establishment Grant: This applies to indigenous companies (NGO, State Government, etc.) seeking to bring in expatriates to assist their businesses;
Existing Business Migration: Before now, some companies had been doing business with The Ministry of Interior. Such companies are now expected to register their business details on the portal;
Expatriate Quota Services: New quota requests, additional quota request, quota re-validation, quota upgrade to PUR, quota re-designation, quota withdrawal, quota renewal, stay of action, monthly quota returns, etc.;
Citizenship: Become a Nigerian citizen (by naturalization, by registration, by confirmation, by special immigration status and by renunciation);
Marriage License: Become legally married and recognized by the country;
Place of Worship: Religious organization operating in Nigeria for issuance of licence to conduct marriages legally.

Action Items

Employers should ensure that the validity of the expatriate quota is constantly monitored and any pending application for grants and renewal of expatriate quota, business permit application, special immigration status and citizenship are filed on time, to avoid any delay in the issuance of the approval.