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CZECHIA– Blue Card Minimum Salary Increases

, 10/05/2018

Effective 1 May 2018, the minimum monthly salary required to qualify for a new EU Blue Card has increased, from CZK 39,700 to CZK 44,256 (about USD 2060), an increase of approximately 11.5%.

This amount corresponds to 1.5 times the average gross monthly salary, as determined annually by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit, implemented in most EU countries, designed to attract highly-skilled non-EU nationals. To qualify, applicants need advanced qualifications or substantial experience, among other requirements. Benefits include the flexibility to change employers or move to another EU country, and work permission for a spouse.

Action Items
Employers in Czechia intending to hire highly-skilled non-EU nationals with EU Blue Cards should ensure that the applicant’s salary meets the new threshold.