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ARGENTINA - Major Fee Increases for Most Immigration Processes

, 02/06/2018

The Argentine Immigration Department is introducing a major increase in the fees for most immigration-related processes. Effective 6 June 2018, various governments fees for immigration processes – such as Transitory, Temporary, and Permanent Residence applications, Entry Permit applications, renewal applications, and change of category applications – will increase an average of 300 percent, up to 500 percent for some applications.

The dramatic fee increases are reportedly being implemented to defray increased investments the government is making in customer service, enforcement, and border security. The new fee schedule was set out and implemented by Executive Decree 475/2018, published 21 May 2018.

Action Items
Companies employing foreign nationals in Argentina should anticipate and budget for these new higher fees when considering new assignments and renewals after 6 June 2018. To obtain exact fees for the various immigration processes impacting upcoming assignments, companies are encouraged to reach out to their immigration specialists.