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KAZAKHSTAN - Work Permit No Longer Required for CEOs and Deputies

, 04/06/2018

Some recent amendments to the Rules on Establishing the Quota for the Employment of Foreign Labour Force that apply to chief executives and their deputies are benefiting companies operating in Kazakhstan.

Effective 28 April 2018, work permits are no longer being required for foreign nationals who are employed as chief executives and their deputies of Kazakhstani companies with wholly foreign ownership.

Impact on Foreign Owned Companies

This change is a major benefit to foreign owned companies operating in Kazakhstan, as employing foreign national CEOs and deputies will no longer require work permits. However, it should be noted that this work permit exemption applies only to companies recognized as legal entities in Kazakhstan. Previously, foreign national CEOs and their deputies were required to obtain work permits if the Kazakhstani company’s stock or interests were 100 percent foreign owned.

Remaining Questions

The remaining question, however, that appears unclear from the legislative instruments is just what categories or job descriptions of CEO deputies are covered by this exemption. Likely, further clarification and guidance from Kazakhstani labour authorities will be forthcoming.

Action Items

Companies operating in Kazakhstan should reach out to their immigration specialists for guidance on whether this new work permit exemption applies to their company and any foreign national CEOs and deputies. Peregine is continuing to monitor developments in Kazakhstan for further clarification.