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URUGUAY – Vaccination records now required for all residence applications [UPDATED]

, 26/06/2018

Effective immediately, the Uruguayan government has issued a decree establishing a requirement for foreign nationals to submit vaccination records in support of all residence visa applications.

[UPDATE] This requirement has now ben extended to short-term work permit (HIP Visa) applications.

Who is affected?

The new requirement applies to all applicants for temporary or permanent residence permits, both at consulates in the applicant’s country of residence and post arrival in Uruguay.

What is required?

The vaccination record must include all the vaccinations that are mandatory in Uruguay for a person of the applicant’s age. This may include vaccinations for measles and/or tetanus.

Action Items

Foreign nationals intending to stay in Uruguay should check their vaccination record against the Uruguayan requirements, and obtain any missing vaccinations before applying for residence, either in their home country before departure, or in Uruguay post arrival.