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MALAYSIA – Companies Must Only Use Authorised Staff Members to Handle Immigration Applications

, 09/11/2018

Effective 12 November 2018, the MYXpats Centre of the Expatriate Services Division of the Immigration Department of Malaysia has reminded companies of the existing rule that only staff members named in their Letter of Undertaking (LOU) are allowed to submit immigration applications.

What is the Letter of Undertaking (LOU)?
The LOU authorizes named company staff members to carry out the following roles in the immigration application process:

Endorser/Signatory – only this person can sign all application paperwork, including the Application Letter and the Authorization Letter, submit applications and collect passports;
Submission Officers – these people can submit applications and collect passports;
Login User – this person receives notifications from MYXpats, and can submit applications and collect passports.
Submission by anyone not listed on the LOU is not allowed. The one exception is that a Malaysian national employee of the company who is not listed on the LOU can act as a submission officer, provided that they show proof of employment, i.e. an EPF statement or employer’s ID.

Action Items

Employers should review the names listed in their LOU and submit any changes as soon as possible to MYXpats.