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RUSSIA - Deregistration of Foreign Nationals Now Available On Demand

, 14/11/2018

Effective immediately, the Russian authorities have introduced deregistration of foreign nationals on demand.

This is available in situations where the foreign national leaves their registered place of stay and ceases any connection with their host party. If the foreign national exits Russia or registers at a new address, no notification of departure is required - in these cases deregistration will be carried out automatically, as before.

The new procedure was introduced by Federal Law N 257-FZ (of 29/07/2018) and Draft Order of the MIA “On the Form of the Notification of Departure…” (published on 29/10/2018).

What is the new procedure?

A host party is now entitled to carry out the optional deregistration of a foreign national by submitting a notification of their departure from their place of registration in person, via either a multifunctional centre or a post office.

At the time of writing, the notification form and submission rules have not been officially approved. Until the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia has enacted a relevant order, the notification of departure can be submitted using a temporary form available at migration offices.

Action Items

Foreign nationals in Russia who may be affected, and their employers, are encouraged to contact their immigration specialist for case-specific advice.