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SOUTH AFRICA – Work and Business Visa Holders May Study Part-Time


Effective 1 May 2015, holders of business visas and all categories of work visa are allowed to register and undertake part-time studies with appropriately registered/established higher learning institutions.

Who Benefits?

This is relevant to all foreign nationals holding work visas (Intra-Company Transfer, Critical Skills & General categories) or business visas, wishing to further their studies part-time at a South African university or college. These foreign nationals now no longer require additional permission to study part-time, and may do so under the auspices of their existing visas.

It is important to note that full-time study is strictly prohibited for work and business visa holders in South Africa. Note also that the duration of the course of studies must not exceed the validity of the foreign national’s existing work or business visa.

Action Items

  • Inform work and business visa holders and applicants of their new permission to study part-time while in South Africa.