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MEXICO – Increased Immigration Fees from 1 January 2019

, 18/01/2019

Effective 1 January 2019, the fees charged by the National Immigration Institute (INM) for immigration services have increased, in line with the Consumer Price Index yearly increase.

The new fees, with a comparison to the previous fees, are listed below:

Service2018 Fee (Mex$)2019 Fee (Mex$)Increase (Mex$)Increase %
Certified document copies192015.26%
Visitor Visa - Non-Remunerated Activities)533558254.69%
Visitor Visa (Remunerated Activities)297431141404.71%
Temporary Resident (1 Year)396141481874.72%
Temporary Resident (2 Years)593662152794.70%
Temporary Resident (3 Years)751878723544.71%
Temporary Resident (4 Years)891093304204.71%
Permanent Resident482850562284.72%
Replacement of Residence Card12201277574.67%
Change of Condition12661325594.66%
Certificate of Legal Status405424194.69%
Exit Permit405424194.69%
Work Permit297431141404.71%
APEC Business travel Card13101372624.73%

Action items

Employers who may be affected are encouraged to consult their immigration specialist.