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RUSSIA – Change of Personal Details Must Be Reported to Avoid Fine


Effective 29 June 2015, work permit and work patent holders have seven working days to inform the Russian immigration authorities of any changes to their name or passport details, or face a fine.

Notification of Changes

If a foreign national’s name or passport details change they now have seven working days to apply to the issuing immigration authorities in Russia for correction of their work permit or work patent.

Previously the law did not specify an exact timeframe for making such corrections.

Who is Affected?

The new requirement is applicable to holders of standard work permits, Highly Qualified Specialist work permits and work patents.


Breach of the newly established seven-day notification deadline is considered to be an administrative violation which leads to a fine for the foreign national of 4000RUB to 5000RUB (approximately 75-95USD).

Action Items

  • To avoid a fine, notify the issuing immigration authorities in Russia of any changes to names or passport details of foreign national work permit or work patent holders.