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QATAR – New Residence Cards Introduced


Effective 15 June 2015, the Qatar Ministry of the Interior (MOI) began issuing new residence / ID cards for new and renewing foreign national residents, replacing existing ID cards and passport stickers.

For the first time, children under the age of 16 will require their own ID card. The new cards will include the holder’s home address and must be presented with the holder’s passport when entering and leaving Qatar.

Who is Affected?

  • All adult residents of Qatar are required to have ID cards and this has now been extended to children under the age of 16.
  • Residents with valid Residence Permits (RP) and ID cards do not need to apply for a new-style residence card until their current RPs and ID cards are about to expire.
  • New residents will be issued the new type of card.

How to Apply

Initial and renewal residence permit applications for foreign nationals sponsored by their employers must be made electronically, through the Metrash2 app, the MOI website or the e-government website. First-time applicants will also have to show their passport and give fingerprints.

Cards will be sent to the applicant’s home through the mail, and will be valid for one, two, three or five years depending on the residence category.

Applicants can choose between a standard card and a smart card featuring biometric data, which can be used for fast-track immigration at Hamad International Airport.


It is hoped that the new card system will ease Residence Permit application procedures for foreign nationals, reduce the number of visitors to MOI centres and save the passport pages of applicants.

Action Items

  • Foreign national residents in Qatar, including children, who have been issued the new residence cards must be sure to present them with their passports at the airport on entering or leaving Qatar.