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THAILAND - Work Permit Applicants Now Required to Submit Medical Certificate

, 20/08/2019

Effective 19 August 2019, all work permit applications must be supported by a medical certificate, according to an Employment Department regulation issued on 16 August 2019.

Previously, work permit applications submitted under the Board of Investment (BOI), Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) or the Petroleum Act did not require a medical certificate.

The medical certificate must be issued by a licensed medical doctor in Thailand, no longer than one month before the submission of the work permit application. It must state that the applicant is in good health and free from leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, syphilis stage III and drug or alcohol addiction.

It is recommended to use the template designated by the Employment Department.

Action Items

Employers who may be affected are advised to contact a Newland Chase immigration specialist for case-specific advice.