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SPAIN: New Requirements for Assignment Letter for Intra-Company Transfer Permit Applications

, 02/12/2019

Effective immediately, the immigration authorities have established new requirements for assignment letters in support of all intra-company transfer permit applications, both those under EU Directive 2014/66 and those under the Spanish Entrepreneur’s Law.

What is New?

The assignment letter must now be both signed by the applicant, and signed and stamped by the sending entity (their employer).

The letter must now also include: the salary in local currency and euros; evidence of the Spanish host company's financial solvency (i.e. corporate tax and VAT payments from the last three years, social security registration of employees, etc.); and a collective agreement which applies in the Spanish host company.

As previously, the letter must include details of the host and home company, the place and address of work, the length of the assignment, the applicant's job title and functions and a statement of compliance with Law 45/99 on working conditions.