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DENMARK: New Positive List, Minimum Salary and Government Fees

, 06/01/2020

The Danish immigration authorities have published a new positive list, effective 1 January 2020 and valid until 30 June 2020.

Government application fees and the minimum salary for the Pay Limit Scheme have also been updated.

Minimum Salary

The new minimum salary requirement as of 1 January 2020 is DKK 436,000 per year or DKK 36,333.33 per month.

Government Fees

Government application fees have been reduced for all applications submitted after 1 January 2020. The relevant fees for the majority of case types are as follows:

Initial or extension application to the Pay Limit or Fast-track scheme (principal applicant): DKK 2,990;
Initial or extension application for dependent family member: DKK 1,470.

Positive List?

The Positive List is Denmark's list of occupations which are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professional resident workers. Foreign nationals who have been offered a job which is on the list, and have an educational background that qualifies them for the job, can apply for a work and residence permit under the scheme.

Professions added

Head of division
Research and development Manager
Farming adviser
Marine engineer
Industrial Designer
Hospital Doctor
Health and wellness counsellor
Orthopaedic Engineer
Music therapist
Hearing impaired consultant
Accounting controller
HR Consultant
Web developer
Civil Economist
Organist, cantor
Medical laboratory technician

Professions Removed

Finance manager
Chief Accountant
Logistics manager
Marketing manager
Deputy manager, sales
Public relations manager
Area manager
Manufacturing manager
IT manager
Education manager
School principal
Environmental consultant
Environmental engineer
Engineer, design and innovation
Landscape architect
Land surveyor
Clinical dietician
Lecturer at academy of technology and business
Lecturer at basic social care and healthcare college
Business school teacher
Adult Educational Center teacher
Information technology teacher
Teacher at public primary and lower secondary school
Teacher at independent boarding school for lower secondary school students
Head of preschool class
Education method specialist
Business controller
IT engineer
Legal officer
Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark
Laboratory dental technician
Construction manager.