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NEW ZEALAND – Changes to Minimum Income Thresholds

, 13/01/2020

Effective 24 February 2020, the minimum income thresholds for essential skills work visas and skilled migrant residence visas are set to increase.

What are the changes?

Essential skills work visas

Skill LevelCurrent RateFrom 24 February 2020
High-skilled employment in any occupationNZD 37.50/hourNZD 38.25/hour
Mid-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 1-3)NZD 21.25/hourNZD 21.68/hour
Mid-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 4-5, treated as exception)NZD 25.00/hourNZD 25.50/hour
Low-skilled employment (Any ANZSCO level)At least NZD 21.25/hourLess than NZD 21.68/hour

Skilled migrant residence visas

Skill levelCurrent rateFrom 24 February 2020
Skilled employment at ANZSCO level 1-3 (or ANZSCO Level 4-5 and treated as exception).NZD 25.00/hourNZD 25.50/hour
Skilled employment at ANZSCO levels 4-5 (or where there is no matching ANZSCO code).NZD 37.50/hourNZD 38.25/hour
Threshold to earn bonus points for being highly paid.NZD 50.00/hourNZD 51.00/hour