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NETHERLANDS – More Entry Visa (MVV) Exemptions


Effective 1 October 2015, more categories of foreign nationals planning to reside and work in the Netherlands for over three months are exempt from requiring an entry visa (MVV).

Who Benefits?

The following categories no longer need to obtain a long stay visa (MVV) for stays longer than 90 days in six months:

  • Individuals with a valid residence status in another Schengen Country applying in the Netherlands via a Recognised Sponsor (‘Erkend Referent’), including highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, labour migrants, students and foreign nationals participating in exchange programs;
  • Individuals with a valid work and residence status in another EU Member State providing cross-border services in the Netherlands under the notion of ‘freedom to provide services’ (as established under the ‘Van der Elst’ ruling);
  • Individuals applying for a ‘start-up’/ entrepreneurial residence permit in the Netherlands.Foreign nationals in one of these categories can now enter the Netherlands on the basis of their valid passports, foreign residence permits and/or Schengen visas, depending on their nationality.

What is the MVV?

The MVV (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf or Provisional Residence Permit) is a Dutch entry visa for stays exceeding 90 days in six months. Nationals of EU countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States do not require an MVV.

Action Items

  • Note that visa national assignees in one of the above categories can now enter the Netherlands without obtaining an MVV long stay visa.