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NEW ZEALAND – Changes to Minimum Income Thresholds for Dependent Sponsorship

Effective 1 July 2019, Essential Skills and Religious Worker work visa holders will need to earn at least NZD 43,332.76 to support dependent children for a vi  Read More

UNITED KINGDOM – Migration Advisory Committee Recommends Broadening Shortage Occupation List

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) – the Home Office appointed independent immigration advisory body – has published its review of the Shortage Occupa  Read More

AUSTRALIA – Latest Immigration Updates

After the recent federal election in Australia, it is predicted that the Liberal-National coalition will secure a majority government with at least 77 seats. So what d  Read More

MEXICO - Longer Processing Times for Immigration Applications

Currently, processing times for temporary residence applications are longer than usual.  Read More

UNITED KINGDOM - Nationals of Seven More Countries Can Now Use ePassport Gates

Effective 20 May 2019, visitors to the United Kingdom from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States are now able to  Read More

RUSSIA - Stricter Rules on Payment of State Fee for Letter of Invitation in Moscow

Effective immediately, the state fee collected for issuance of letters of invitation (LOI) at the migration office at 42 Pokrovka Street in Moscow must be pai  Read More

SOUTH AFRICA - Department of Home Affairs Restricts Short-Term Work to 180 Days Per Calendar Year

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has issued a directive internally and to the South African diplomatic missions, restricting short-term work on a Visitor  Read More

NEW ZEALAND – Updates to Skill Shortage Lists

Effective 27 May 2019, Immigration New Zealand will make minor changes to the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) and the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Short  Read More

SWITZERLAND – End of Work Permit Quotas for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Effective 1 June 2019, the safeguard clause imposing quotas on residence permits for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania (EU2) will no longer apply.  Read More

SAUDI ARABIA - New Residence Scheme Approved

The Saudi government has approved a new special residence scheme, similar to the green card systems used elsewhere, which aims to attract affluent and highly-  Read More

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