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GERMANY – New Intra-Company Transfer Permits Introduced

Germany has introduced new processes for intra-company transfers, which implement the European Union intra-company transfer (ICT) directive (Directive 2014/66  Read More

COSTA RICA – Changes to the Post-Arrival Temporary Residence Application Process

Effective 16 August 2017, changes have been made to the application procedure for temporary residence for employees of registered companies who are applying post-arriv  Read More

CROATIA – New Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit and Posted Worker requirements

Amendments to Croatia’s Foreigners Act recently took effect, implementing the new European Union (EU) intra-company transfer (ICT) permit, and updating the   Read More

TANZANIA – New Company Documents Required for Residence Permit Applications

The Tanzanian Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs has recently imposed significant additional company document requirements on foreign employees app  Read More

INDONESIA – Changes to the Restricted Nationals List

Effective 25 August 2017, the Minister of Law and Human Rights issued a new regulation for restricted nationals.  Read More

MALAYSIA – New Online Portal for Construction Industry Employment Permit Approvals

Effective immediately, the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIBD) has rolled out a new online portal for applications for employment permi  Read More

UNITED KINGDOM – Original Documents Required for Tier 2 and Tier 4 Applications in India

Effective 7 August 2017, all applicants submitting Tier 2 and Tier 4 applications at any Visa Application Centre in India, including dependents, will be required to su  Read More

VIETNAM – New Work Permit Eases Criteria for Intra-Company Transfers

Effective immediately, the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Labour Department is accepting applications for a new category of work permit which eases key requirements   Read More

AZERBAIJAN – Urgent E-visa Now Available

Effective 30 August 2017, an urgent e-visa option is now available for Azerbaijan, with a processing time of three hours.  Read More

EGYPT – Local Registration Requirement Enforced

As of mid-July 2017, nationals of certain countries must now register with the immigration authorities within seven days of arrival in Egypt, or face fines.  Read More

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