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Residential Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Formula Group addresses the complexities of relocation process with the aid of our state of art technology and committed workforce. Our dedicated and experienced teams navigate clients throughout the process including wide listing through trusted broker network, consultation & advisory, due diligence, technical inspection, lease process and registration.   

Residential Relocation Services

"India with its diversity & rich culture is unique and so are the challenges faced by foreigners planning to relocate here. Formula Group professionals help you sail smoothly through the process"

  • Orientation

    Customized programs designed to familiarize clients with the new city- its culture, infrastructure, shopping, security, emergency helplines etc. 

  • Home Search

    Helping clients find their perfect home guiding through the entire process from finalizing property to inspection to lease negotiations and registration.

  • Settling-in Services

    Warming-up clients to living in the new city once arrived like utility set-up, getting club memberships, admissions to schools, driver’s license, domestic help etc. 

  • School Search

    Helping clients find the best international school for their child including appropriate counselling and coordination for the entire admission process

  • Tenancy Management

    Providing ongoing support with maintaining property including utility services, tenancy management, emergency services, utility bills payment etc. 

  • Departure Program

    Providing a mechanism for our clients to leave their homeland safely and resettled in India in an orderly manner.