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Immigration Services

Formula Group expert Immigration consultants address the challenges of relocating employees while they move through complex immigration laws of the respective place of relocation within India or abroad.Our experts provide complete documentation services and entire process guidance which can be tracked on real time basis though our state of art technology.

In Country - Immigration Services

“Our specialist team assists clients in all services imperative to living in a country post their move ranging from Visas at Home Country to registration of Visas, obtaining PAN cards to visa extensions and the Exit Permits.

  • Application of Visa

    Complete assistance and guidance in application of visa in home country is provided by our team of expert. Be it documentation or fixing appointments.

  • Residential Permits

    Registration of visas post arrival in India. Our team to assist not only in documentation but also in ensuring the process is completed within stipulated time.

  • PAN Card

    Complete support in application & procuring Permanent Account Number card which is mandatory for any foreigner earning income in India.

  • Visa/ RP Extension

    Helping clients prolonging their stay in India to get visa/ residential permit extended by FRRO/FRO office for themselves and immediate families.

  • Change of Jurisdiction

    Guiding employees & HR through the process of change of jurisdiction in case Employee is required to move his work location from one city to the other.

  • De- Registration

    Helping expats de-register with FRO as they depart from India for official immigration record purposes.

  • Person of Indian Origin Card

    Assisting eligible Persons of Indian Origin to get the card authorising them visa free entry and rights equivalent to NRI.

  • Overseas Citizen of India Card

    A Helping foreign nationals and their families of Indian origin get OCI card following necessary documentation and processes.

  • Visa Conversion

    Helping extraordinary cases get Visa conversion while staying in India from one category to another on need basis.