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Consular Services for Immigration

Immigration Services

Formula Group expert Immigration consultants address the challenges of relocating employees while they move through complex immigration laws of the respective place of relocation within India or abroad.Our experts provide complete documentation services and entire process guidance which can be tracked on real time basis though our state of art technology.

Consular Services - Immigration Services

“Team of Experts deal with various Embassies & Consulates in India for purpose of getting visa, work permits and legalisation which are time consuming and yet needed in the current global business environment.”

  • Work Permits

    Providing services related to skilled workforce or professionals acquiring work permit in order to legally authorising them to work in a country.

  • Visa Applications

    Complete assistance and guidance in application of visa in home country is provided by our team of expert. Be it documentation or fixing appointments.

  • Legalization

    Getting documents sealed/ signed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming they are genuine for the immigrating clients like education, marriage certificates etc.