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Current Openings

Destination Consultant - Delhi & Bengaluru-3-7 Years

Summary Description

This position provides a high level of client services by helping the client settle in to a new location and ensuring excellent customer service to the client.

Job Responsibilities

· Connect with assignee
· Orientation Tour
· Home Finding
· School Search
· Settling in Support
· Interact with realtors to fix an appointment.
· Lease Negotiation, Documentation, Lease Signing. 
· Interaction via email, Phone with all stakeholders.
· Usage of Technology platform for entire service delivery.

Experience Requirements

· Empathy towards Assignee 
· Solution based approach
· Ability to take on responsibility and deliver
· Ability to take quick and well thought out decisions
· Ability to work in teams
· Good interpersonal skills in order to interact and manage people
· Strong communication, both oral and written, skills
· Strong customer focus

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Fleet Executive - Pune- 2-4 years

Job Description

· Management of Fleet and Drivers
· Supervision of the staff
· Maintenance of documents and records
· Interview, training and educating to the drivers
· Checking of the Logbooks/OT sheets and meeting with the drivers on spot.
· Meeting with the clients
· Monitoring the car movement through GPS tracking
· Making of report of all accident and drivers discipline issues
· Monitoring the refuelling of cars
· Planning for servicing of the cars
· Management of Imprest/Funds

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Corporate Sales - Mumbai & Bengaluru-2-4 Years

Summary Description :

The work will cover areas such as selling ideas, services. Maintaining relationship with clients and providing business leads, client interaction, team building, follow up with clients
This position is responsible for acquiring and developing new business & also maintaining business & relationship of the existing business (Relocation, Immigration, Fleet, Real estate, Travel).

Key areas of responsibilities:

· Business Development

· Pro-actively hunt for target organizations and establish communications with those businesses that can benefit from our Company’s services. 

· Further develop multi-tier relationships to organically grow the clients’ accounts. Build referral and lead generation network 

· Develop and manage marketing tools and collateral for existing and new clients 

· Adopt hands-on approach in monitoring the implementation and execution of marketing programmes.

· Regular meeting with key clients 

· Develop and manage relationships with new and existing clients. – CRM 

· Maximize revenues from the existing customer base and developing ongoing account plans

· Ensure all internal reports of sales Vs Targets prepared and submitted on time Respond to and follow up sales enquiries using appropriate methods. 

· Monitor and report on market and competitor activities and provide relevant reports and information. 

Job Specifications (Requirements):

· Candidates should be from Services Industry/Marketing/Sales background/BD at least for Two year. 

· Pleasing personality with Good Communication and Negotiation Skills Ability to work under pressure.

· Ability to handle corporate presentations, documents, proposals, and managing the expectations of the customers

· Creative, resourceful, detail-oriented, highly organized. 

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Key Account Manager - Bengaluru-4-5 Years

Summary Description

This position is responsible for the complete operations of the accounts and functions that the Account Manager is responsible for and report to the Relocation Manager/ General Manager of the location.

Job Responsibilities
Relocation Services 

· Create plans for delivering service to new and existing assignees on specific accounts designated.
· Develop and facilitate a basic training program for all new relocation services staff, updating training modules regularly to include information on all new accounts/partners and any significant industry trends or changes
· Develop and maintain strong working relationships with internal and external clients
· Ensure awareness of initiations regarding new assignments 
· Ensure efficiency, performance, quality and timeliness of delivery of services by the Relocation team
· Allocate and manage the responsibilities of the members of the Relocation team 
· Ensure Process Diligence in each case including mapping through technology.
· Ensure internal reports like Account Manager reports and status of assignments are prepared on time 
· Ensure that the team completes work/issues on a timely manner with appropriate identification and rectification of issues
· Ensure timeliness, and accurate resolution of the job as per scope of assignment 
· Work with all employees to optimize the operations
· From time to time the Account Manager would be required to back up or deliver on the ground destination services along with the consultant/ Senior consultant or on his / her own.
· Submit reports to Seniors as prescribed
· Ensure Billing on time and payments received thereon.

Real Estate Services 

· Ensure that the resource directory is updated regularly by keeping track of existing properties that are already listed by the realtors and also looking for potential properties
· Keep abreast of market trends by telephone and e-mail with realtors and also with builders to obtain the going rate in the market


· Providing appropriate support and orientation to new hires
· Explain the entire steps of the process to a new hire and take them on visits with clients as part of their orientation and training
· Ensure employees are provided with coaching when required
· Manage people and help resolve conflicts through counseling


· Identify training areas of the team and ensure to conduct such trainings from time to time
· Keep track of all ongoing assignments and the consultants who are responsible for each assignment
· Ensure accuracy of detail and data integrity

Client Management

· Develop and manage relationships with new and existing clients and specific HR 
· Maximize revenues from the existing customer base and developing ongoing account plans
· Be the key/ main point of contact for top accounts
· Maintain ongoing consultation with client IAM/local HR about potential assignments and time frames to ensure timely services
· Ensure prompt and appropriate resolution of any issues and/or problems initiated by clients and/or assignee’s, and keep supervisor aware of issue and status
· Escalate client and/or assignee issues internally to senior management and externally to appropriate client contact
· Identify potential escalations and ensure resolution of issues by interacting with the HR or the International Assignment Manager (IAM) contact at the client company
· Maintain contact with the assignee during the issue resolution stage and provide updates as needed
· Measure and maintain client satisfaction on a continual basis, and providing appropriate feedback internally to specific relocation team member
· Ensure tangible cost saving information is collected and presented to clients for review
· Ensure all reports are prepared correctly and on time and sent by the Account Manager to the HR contact or to the IAM, on an ongoing basis to provide status throughout and at the end of the assignment 

Vendor Management

· Conduct new and existing vendor assessment, rate service levels and ensure adherence to contract terms

Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree required

Experience Requirements

· Experience in a leadership position
· Must have managed people for at least 4 to 5 years
· Good verbal and written communication skills
· Good interpersonal skills in order to interact and manage people
· Good analytical skills

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Fleet Asst. Manager - MUMBAI-7-8 Years

Summary Description

The work will cover managing the complete Fleet Function of a corporate which will includes but not limited up to handling all types of Transport Services & Keeping track of vehicular movements & drivers.

Job Responsibilities

· Management of Fleet and Drivers.
· Supervision of the staff
· Maintenance of documents and records
· Communication with the client over the phone & E?mail
· Keeping track of vehicular movements
· Interview, training and educating to the drivers
· Checking of the Logbooks/OT sheets and meeting with the drivers on spot. 
· Monitoring the car movement through GPS tracking
· Preparing the report in Excel and presentation in Ms. Power point
· Create and carry out plans for effective Transport System.
· Monitoring the refueling of cars
· Respond to and follow up enquiries using appropriate methods.
· Communicate, liaise, and negotiate internally and externally using appropriate methods to meet

· The client satisfaction
· Managing Escalation
· Management of Imprest/Funds
· Ensuring Timely services of cars as per process.

Job Specifications:-

· Candidates preferably should be from the same industry having at least 7-8 years of experience.
· Good level of computer literacy__ including proficiency in MS Office applications and mail drafting.
· Good observation and analyzing skills.
· Ability take ownership for Customer needs
· Decision Making
· Ability to work under pressure.
· Candidate should have the pleasing personality with excellent communication skills (Verbal & Written).

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Billing Executive - Delhi (Sultanpur)-1-6 Years


· Collection of Duty Slip from all branches
· Verification of invoice with proper supporting before submission to the client.
· Timely Submission of the invoices on fortnightly/Monthly basis with clients.
· Follow up for Direct Payment Bookings and updating the finance team on the same.
· Invoice modification in software and Tally.
· Addressing client billing related queries.
· Making Pro-forma invoice whenever required
· Vendor Invoice Follow Up and cross checking before submitting it to finance.
· Submission of credit notes to the client
· Monthly Imprest cross check with invoices for all formula branches

Job Specifications (Requirements):-

· Candidates should be from preferably from Billing / Accounts background at least 1 years’ experience  
· Ability take ownership for their needs
· Ability to meet the expectations of the customers
· Good interpersonal skills to form effective working relationships with people at all levels.
· Candidate should have pleasing personality with good communication skills (Verbal & Written).
· Well Versed with Specially in MS-Office

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Legal Consultant - New Delhi-7-8 Years

Responsibilities :

·   Draft, review and represent clients in negotiation on legal issues.
·   Oversee, supervise, advise and direct a team of lawyers regarding legal strategies and solutions to solve clients legal issues.
·   Advise clients on the legal rights and obligations with the up to date on new business laws and regulations focusing on doing business.
·   Monitor Legal MIS/Data/ Records/ Register/Files 
·   Co-ordination and follow up with panel Advocates, counsels, clients, 
·   Execution & registration of interim security documentation.
·   Handling all other legal matters of the Company including legal advice to field staff and top management of the company.
·   Responsible for all Legal policy related matters and updating manual of legal section.
·   Standardize legal documents from time to time.

Job Specifications (Requirements):- 

·   7+ years of related experiences in corporate law.
·   Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a strong command of English.
·   Strong time management and project management skills.
·   A “Can Do” attitude, enthusiastic and energetic personality with leadership skill.
·   Resourceful, with flexible approaches to challenges.
·   Poses strong business sense to strive and to find the best solution for our clients.
·   Experience in providing strategic advice at a senior level to multinational organizations.
·   Experience in running legal and regulatory risk management and compliance programs.

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