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Current Openings

Customer Service Officer – Japan Desk - CHENNAI-0-4 Years

Job Description

•  To work as an interpreter.
•  Written/verbal communication with client in Japanese.
•  Follow-up with clients and concerned department
•  Provide quality customer service on every call.
•  Communicate clearly and effectively with Clients
•  Regular interactions with key clients to know the feedback
•  Manage relationships with existing clients.
•  Respond to and follow up enquiries/issue using appropriate methods
•  Supporting BD/Sales/Operation team as and when necessary with regard to Japanese language


•  Must have cleared N3 level
•  Ability to work under pressure.
•  Good interpersonal skills to form effective working relationships with people at all levels.
•  Candidate should have pleasing personality with good communication skills (Verbal & Written).

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Corporate Sales - CHENNAI-2-4 Years

Summary Description :

The work will cover areas such as selling ideas, services. Maintaining relationship with clients and providing business leads, client interaction, team building, follow up with clients.
This position is responsible for acquiring and developing new business & also maintaining business & relationship of the existing business (Relocation, Immigration, Fleet, Real estate, Travel).

Key areas of responsibilities:

 Business Development
 Pro-actively hunt for target organizations and establish communications with those businesses that can benefit from our Company’s services. 
 Further develop multi-tier relationships to organically grow the clients’ accounts.
 Build referral and lead generation network.
 Develop and manage marketing tools and collateral for existing and new clients.
 Adopt hands-on approach in monitoring the implementation and execution of marketing programmes.
 Regular meeting with key clients
 Develop and manage relationships with new and existing clients. – CRM 
 Maximize revenues from the existing customer base and developing ongoing account plans
 Ensure all internal reports of sales Vs Targets prepared and submitted on time  Respond to and follow up sales enquiries using appropriate methods.
 Monitor and report on market and competitor activities and provide relevant reports and information. 

Job Specifications (Requirements):

  Candidates should be from Services Industry/Marketing/Sales background/BD at least for Two year. 
  Pleasing personality with Good Communication and Negotiation Skills Ability to work under pressure.
  Ability to handle corporate presentations, documents, proposals, and managing the expectations of the customers
  Creative, resourceful, detail-oriented, highly organized. 

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Relocation Manager - Bengaluru-Minimum 8 Years

Job Description

This position is responsible for the complete operations and profit center management of the specific branch office such as Relocation Services, Real Estate, Tenancy Management Services, as well as managing people and people related issues.

Job Responsibilities

Relocation Services

  Act as main point of contact in matters related to relocation services
  Create plans for delivering service to new and existing assignees
  Develop and facilitate a basic training program for all new relocation services staff, updating training modules regularly to include information on all new accounts/partners and any significant industry trends or changes
  Develop and maintain strong working relationships with internal and external clients
  Ensure awareness of initiations via email regarding new assignments by Relocation and/or Account Manager
  Ensure efficiency, performance, quality and timeliness of delivery of services by the Relocation team
  Identify client management teams internally, provide client communication schedule and organization charts, design and follow up on and action plan for all future management of the account
  Allocate and manage the responsibilities of the members of the Relocation team
  Make initial contact with the new assignee within the required timeline
  Ensure a welcome note has been sent within 24 hours of receiving the initiation
  Make the initial contact between the client and the Destination Consultant
  Assist the Account Manager in selecting the Destination Consultant for the particular assignment
  Balance time off for the Relocation teams and keep track of attendance of employees
  With the assistance of the Account Managers, design and implement all new account schedules, providing to both internal teams and the corporate client/partner timeline for handover
  Conduct lease negotiations with the landlord and understand the terms and conditions stated
  Assist the Account Manager in the lease process if there are any modifications to be made in the lease from the legal point and to see whether it is feasible to implement
  Ensure lease agreement is prepared according to the specifications using the standard company lease draft and also according to the specifications of the landlord
  Modify and finalize lease agreements according to location specifics, once the lease negotiations have been completed
  Ensure two copies of the lease are printed on stamp paper, signed by the assignee/company and the landlord
  Ensure that one original lease form is given to the assignee/company and another original lease form is given to the landlord
  Coordinate with the company to pay the relevant deposit to the landlord
  Review accuracy and legitimacy of property documents received from realtor/landlord prior to sending it to the client contact for final review
  Maintain ongoing and open communications with vendors to ensure timely and efficient relocations and other services by the Relocations team
  Ensure internal reports like Account Manager reports, Immigration reports and status of assignments are prepared on time
  Ensure that the team completes work/issues on a timely manner with appropriate identification and rectification of issues
  Ensure timeliness, and accurate resolution of the job as per scope of assignment
  Work with all employees to optimize the use of ReloTrack
  Responsible for planning budgets which include realistic growth and development of each relocation department at each station
  Responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans for the expansion and success of the Relocation Services both in the short and long term
  Prepare appropriate reports such as Performance Monitoring Report, Assignee List Report, Tenancy Services Reports, Indicator Report, Hire Agreement Report, Issue Log Report, and a Car and Housing Tracker report, among others, and ensure appropriate stakeholders have a copy on a timely basis

Real Estate Services

  Ensure that the resource directory is updated regularly by keeping track of existing properties that are already listed by the realtors and also looking for potential properties
  Keep abreast of market trends by telephone and e-mail with realtors and also with builders to obtain the going rate in the market
  Provide international partners with information related to rentals, schools, etc.
  Manage and maintain relationships with international partners.

Tenancy Management Services

  Guide the Tenancy Management team to resolve any Assignee problem


  Participating in the recruiting process on an ongoing basis
  Conduct candidate interviews, assess fit with Formula Group and do the new hire orientation for the new hire
  Initiate the pre–employment screening process (employment application, job related assessments, etc.) on all qualified candidates
  Providing appropriate support and orientation to new hires
  Advise and train employees in issues related to agent management and relationships
  Ensure employees are provided with coaching when required
  Manage people and help resolve conflicts through counseling
  Assist with compiling and administering compensation and benefit surveys


  Ensure employees follow the policies of the company to maintain smooth functioning of the organization
  Identify areas of training for the new hire by sending him/her on the job with a senior person and then analyzing his/her performance and identifying the gaps
  Keep track of all ongoing assignments and the consultants who are responsible for each assignment
  Responsible for administration, transportation, expense processing, marketing assistance and destination services benefits
  Review rates, contracts, terms and conditions of the facilities like telephone and internet and ensure that someone is responsible for their proper installation and functioning
  Update and maintain the relocation policy and department standard operating procedures, as and when required, and in coordination with other locations
  Approve employee and business expenses as needed
  Approve expenses for the repairs and maintenance of facilities in the office
  Ensure accuracy of detail and data integrity

Client Management

  Preparation and review of RFI, RFQ, and RFP and related tender documents
  Follow-up on business leads received through interoffice or through client reference; provide Formula Services information to the lead to obtain
  Continuously look to identify new partners to expand business
  Develop and manage relationships with new and existing clients, specific HR and/or TMS teams
  Maximize revenues from the existing customer base and developing ongoing account plans
  Be responsible for representing Formula Group to agents and partners
  Be the key/main point of contact for top accounts
  Maintain ongoing consultation with client IAM/local HR about potential assignments and timeframes to ensure timely services
  Coordinate all local activity in order to provide for the clients needs, design and implement all handover schedules for new accounts, be responsible for training employees in any client policy changes, design and implement all evaluation processes as required for each client
  Conduct profitability per client analysis and review prices as and when required
  Ensure prompt and appropriate resolution of any issues and/or problems initiated by clients and/or assignee’s, and keep supervisor aware of issue and status
  Escalate client and/or assignee issues internally to senior management and externally to appropriate client contact
  Assist the Account Manager in due diligence of items related to the assignment and work on a resolution
  Identify potential escalations and ensure resolution of issues by interacting with the HR or the International Assignment Manager (IAM) contact at the client company
  Maintain contact with the assignee during the issue resolution stage and provide updates as needed
  Coordinate any immigration needs for the client and the assignee with the Internal Immigration services of Formula.
  Arrange regular (weekly, bi-weekly or as agreed) service calls with all key personnel at Major Accounts and Partners on a high level to fully communicate all activity and to work through any of the relevant initiatives as agreed
  Measure and maintain client satisfaction on a continual basis, and providing appropriate feedback internally to specific relocation team member
  Ensure tangible cost saving information is collected and presented to clients for review
  Provide international partners with information related to rentals, schools, etc. as required
  Review Agreements/Contracts prior to submission to CEO (Group Management) for final approval
  Coordinate delivery of services provided by other internal departments to client to ensure completeness of assignment
  Ensure all reports are prepared correctly and on time and sent by the Account Manager to the HR contact or to the IAM, on an ongoing basis to provide status throughout and at the end of the assignment
  From time to time the Relocation Manager would be required to back up or deliver on the ground destination services along with the consultant/ Senior consultant or on his / her own.

Vendor Management

  Conduct new and existing vendor assessment, rate service levels and ensure adherence to contract terms
  Obtain and negotiate competitive rates and services with each vendor, ensuring they meet the terms of the contract
  Identify vendors for car rentals, stationary for all Formula locations, mineral water and other various services

Education Requirements

  Bachelor’s degree required

Experience Requirements

  Experience in a leadership position
  Must have managed people for at least 4 to 5 years
  Good verbal and written communication skills
  Good interpersonal skills in order to interact and manage people
  Good analytical skills

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