Hyderabad - The City of Pearls



Hyderabad – The City of Pearls

The culture of Hyderabad is a diverse one. Not only does it have an amalgamation of different cultures, Hyderabad boasts of a rich cultural heritage too. Being ruled by the Asaf Jahi dynasty, it came to be known as the “city of Nizams”. As this dynasty crumpled, the Mughals took over and brought about a sea change in the cultural outlook of the people. Today, Hyderabad flourishes in its rich cultural history.... Continue Reading

India's first World Heritage City



Ahmedabad – India’s first World Heritage City

Situated near the Sabarmati river and in the state where Mahatma Gandhi and India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi were born, Ahmedabad is a confluence of culture, food, diamonds and cotton textiles in the modern state of Gujarat.  The former state capital, Ahmedabad or Amdavad as it is locally called, is the fifth most populous city in India. With a rich cultural heritage, Ahmedabad continues t.... Continue Reading

Delhi - The heart of India



Delhi – The heart of India

A city that was completely destroyed by invaders and then rebuilt each time, tells a story of resilience that’s hard to find elsewhere even till date. The city of Delhi or Dilli as it is locally called is a city built over centuries and one that imbibes cultural influences of invaders, migrants and visitors into a single melting pot.  With a population of 15 million drawn from all four corners of the .... Continue Reading

Bengaluru City Guide



Bengaluru – India’s Silicon Valley

Bengaluru is known as India’s Silicon Valley for a very special reason. While it boasts of the world's second largest startup ecosystems, second only to California’s Silicon Valley region, the city also boasts of the best weather you would find in the country, akin to the original Silicon Valley.  The Southern city of Bengaluru, lies in the heart of the Mysore Plateau - a region of the Deccan Plateau,.... Continue Reading

Mumbai city



Mumbai – culturally diverse, warm and vibrant

Located on Maharashtra’s coast, Mumbai is India’s most-populous city, and it is one of the largest and most densely populated urban areas in the world with a population of about 20.4 million people. The city derives its name from goddess Mumba devi and was known as Bombay under the British rule. It was renamed to Mumbai in 1995. Mumbai has developed a highly diversified manufacturing sector that inclu.... Continue Reading



Support India fight COVID-19 – A fundraiser initiative

Coronavirus cases in India hit a record daily high with over 4 lakh new infections being reported in the last 24 hours, while the active cases crossed the 32-lakh mark, according to date updated by the Union Health Ministry on Saturday. The infection tally rose to 1,91,64,969 with 4,01,993 new cases, while the death toll increased to 2,11,853 with 3,523 daily new fatalities, the data updated at 8 am showe.... Continue Reading

Impact on Expats



COVID-19: Impact on Expats living and travelling to India – Update

India is currently facing a second wave of Covid-19 cases, which has prompted the government to impose lockdown measures across the country. Many states have imposed partial curfews while some have enforced week-long lockdowns to arrest the rise in cases.  India launched its vaccination drive on 16th of January, restricting it to healthcare workers and frontline staff - a sanitation worker became the .... Continue Reading

Covid Resource List



Covid Resource list

Given the current situation in India and the curfew/lockdown in various States, Formula Group wanted to share a list of COVID helplines and resources that our community can have access to. This resource list has been collated from various external sources who have verified the list as of 21st April 2021. However, with the way situations are changing in the city we cannot guarantee each source will .... Continue Reading

Opening Business in India



How India is opening up for business

Despite having the third highest number of total cases, India has the lowest infection rate among all major economies Numbers can often be misleading. Large numbers often catch the eye but often blind our vision and our ability to go beyond that. If you look closer, these numbers often tell a completely different story. A story that could inspire the world. India has over 3 million Covid-19 cases, the.... Continue Reading

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