MHA issues Consolidated Revised Guidelines for the Containment of COVID-19 epidemic in the Country - 15/04/2020



COVID-19: Impact on Expats living and travelling to India – Update

Despite being the second most populous country in the world, India has some of the lowest number of cases of Covid-19. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is currently in the second stage of coronavirus transmissions. This has been possible with the help of a nation-wide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who enforced the lockdown for three weeks starting .... Continue Reading

COVID-19: Impact on Expats living and travelling to India



COVID-19: Impact on Expats living and travelling to India

In light of the public health emergency declared for novel Coronavirus, we are sharing our inputs on its impact on various aspects of mobility to India. Destination Services: Local and International Schools in India: With rapid rise in the number of Coronavirus cases around the world, schools in India have started releasing notices asking children to remain home if suffering from mild flu or fever.... Continue Reading

Schooling in India for expats



Schooling in India for expats

Indians dominate several intellectual positions around the world, be it doctors, engineers, scientists or even statisticians. That's partly thanks to the strong education system in the country. India offers a variety of schools depending on your requirements and budgets. Here we take a look at a broad category of schools in India. Public schoolingDespite the government's efforts and spending into buil.... Continue Reading

Luxury of being in India



Luxury of being in India: Affordable domestic help

Luxury can be defined in many ways but the best way to look at luxury is by looking at how comfortable it has made your life. And when it comes to comfort, nothing beats getting domestic help and better still is getting an army of domestic help for all your needs.  Yes, in India the biggest luxury the people enjoy is the ability to get help for pretty much everything. You need someone to do your dishe.... Continue Reading

Novel Coronavirus



Novel Coronavirus 2020 Outbreak – Should you be worried?

Is India at Risk of a Coronavirus ? The virus is not spreading in India right now. You can only be at risk if you Have travelled to China since January 1, 2020 and experience symptoms like fever, cough, or breathing difficulties.Have come in contact with someone who has a travel history of visiting China since January 1, 2020. What is the Novel Coronavirus? Also known as nCoV, this virus caus.... Continue Reading




All you need to know about changes in Indian visas

Indian government over the past few years has made several changes to the country’s visa policies, making it easier for foreign nationals to travel to India for work or for leisure.  Constructive steps are being taken by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to synchronize and streamline the visa issuance process at the Indian Missions abroad.&.... Continue Reading

Immigration services in India



Be sure to hire Highly Skilled employees for India assignments- India Immigration Rules- Evolving Changes and Compliance

Indian Government is stressing upon hiring highly skilled employees by each Company.Detailed scrutiny is being done of the documents and even educational qualification documents are being requested by the Government authorities from every expatriate while he/she is here in India on Employment.  Though India had a Foreigners Act which was established in 1946 even before India attained Independence.... Continue Reading

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