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Cultural Training Solution

Cultural Training

Inter cultural learning is a topic which receives much interest due to the rise of globalization. However, it bridges cultural gaps and assists individual to work effectively across border in different culture, understand their differences and similarities. Formula Group certified trainers assist individuals in understanding foreign culture and acclimatising to the same making living in a foreign country much more comfortable. Our experts make you aware and help you establish harmony with host country’s culture and mannerisms. 

Cultural Training Solution

"Training individuals on host country’s culture and mannerisms to build understanding of the same and help them adapt to the new environment"

  • Daily Living and
    Business Situations

    Interactive training formulated to help employees of corporates to work seamlessly across cultures and families to adjust to new social life.

  • Communication
    Across Cultures

    Extensive training on how to communicate more effectively with people of different culture so that the intended right message is delivered & received every time.

  • Inbound & Out Bound

    Offering training for employees visiting a foreign culture or for the ones about to host individuals from foreign culture with single aim to build strong understanding of cultures.