Schooling in India for expats

Indians dominate several intellectual positions around the world, be it doctors, engineers, scientists or even statisticians. That’s partly thanks to the strong education system in the country. India offers a variety of schools depending on your requirements and budgets. Here we take a look at a broad category of schools in India.

Public schooling

Despite the government’s efforts and spending into building a strong public schooling system, most public schools in India are not up to international standards.
Right from poor student – teacher ratio to lack of basic infrastructure facilities, public schools in India often lag behind the private ones in many aspects. Add to that, several government schools use Hindi or other regional languages as a medium for education, making it hard for international students to cope up.
As a result, even within the Indian society, most middle income families also prefer to take their kids to a private school despite having to pay significantly higher fees.

Private schools

Private schools in India are known for pushing the boundaries to ensure kids perform well not just in academics but also in extracurricular activities. They also lay special emphasis on providing better infrastructure and student teacher ratio. Many Private Schools have “International “ as a suffix to the school name, however they do not follow any international curriculum, teaching methods and neither do they have any sizable number of expat students studying in them.
However, these schools are incredibly competitive, which many international students find themselves unaccustomed to.
Also, teaching curriculum, infrastructure etc. vary widely across private schools.

International schools

If you’d want your child to continue with your home country curriculum, International schools could be your ideal choice. These schools usually maintain their home country’s primary teaching language and tend to employ familiar methods of instruction.
You will be able to easily find American and British international schools across India but schools representing other countries like France and Germany are usually in very select cities.
International schools are among the most expensive in India so you’ll need to keep a sizable budget allocated to this. But just paying the fees may not be enough. As the expat community grows in India, it is becoming harder and harder for parents to secure a place for their child at one of the city’s popular international schools. Expats are therefore advised to start the process of finding a school for their child as soon as their relocation to India is confirmed.


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